Strength and conditioning
(now with added dumbbells)

Now I’ve gotten used to the bodyweight exercises, I decided to toughen them up with some dumbbells. Set them at 5kg each, which seems about right for me at the moment. Some of the new arm and chest exercises were quite tough with my spindly little arms, but sure they’ll get easier over time.

Dumbbell thrusters (x12)
Plank matrix (1 min front, 30 sec left, 30 sec right, 1 min back)
Chest press (x12)
Single-leg weighted deadlifts (12 per leg)
Pushup matrix (normal, left arm forward, right arm forward, x5)
Single-leg weighted squats (12 per leg)
Reverse dips (x12)
Hip bridge (x12)
Renegade rows (12 per arm)
Adductor strengthen (12 per leg)
Lateral raise (x12)
Scissor lifts (12 per leg)
Incline chest fly (x12)
Weighted lunges (12 per side)
Bicep curls (x12)
Single arm tricep extension (12 per arm)

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