Long run (8 mi @ marathon effort)

First specific marathon session of the plan. Not hitting my goal pace quite yet but it’s early days yet. I have a bit of a cough/cold, and it’s only two days after the excesses of Christmas, so overall fairly happy with the performance.

18:15 min/mi159-20 ft
27:58 min/mi1745 ft
38:02 min/mi1729 ft
47:51 min/mi169-37 ft
58:09 min/mi173-1 ft
67:46 min/mi176-9 ft
77:21 min/mi1853 ft
87:35 min/mi183-1 ft
97:14 min/mi184-2 ft
107:29 min/mi1841 ft
117:22 min/mi184-2 ft
127:22 min/mi184-3 ft
137:18 min/mi1825 ft
147:34 min/mi179-6 ft
158:17 min/mi1700 ft
168:09 min/mi171-1 ft
Total2:03:4916.0 mi7:44 min/mi177
120:232.54 mi8:01 min/mi167
28:050.99 mi8:07 min/mi171
317:312.17 mi8:03 min/mi173
458:588.02 mi7:21 min/mi184
518:502.28 mi8:15 min/mi170

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