Long run around Victoria Park
(10 mi @ marathon effort)

Fairly pleased with this effort – a slightly faster pace at a lower HR than the last marathon effort session, and for a longer distance too! I actually came in slightly under marathon HR, and struggled to keep the HR up at times, I think because my legs are pretty tired from a strong week of training. Nonetheless a good end to the week.

17:52 min/mi167-1 ft
27:52 min/mi163-154 ft
37:52 min/mi165-87 ft
48:21 min/mi17422 ft
57:51 min/mi168-56 ft
68:01 min/mi176-6 ft
77:40 min/mi172-5 ft
87:17 min/mi182-6 ft
97:15 min/mi18216 ft
107:27 min/mi180-5 ft
117:14 min/mi1812 ft
127:19 min/mi17912 ft
137:17 min/mi180-5 ft
147:19 min/mi1791 ft
157:18 min/mi179-2 ft
167:14 min/mi1812 ft
177:59 min/mi17310 ft
188:12 min/mi1710 ft
Total2:17:4218.0 mi7:38 min/mi175
115:241.95 mi7:53 min/mi165
215:501.96 mi8:04 min/mi169
36:580.86 mi8:05 min/mi167
413:371.70 mi7:59 min/mi175
51:13:1310.03 mi7:18 min/mi180
612:371.51 mi8:20 min/mi169

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