Muddy loops of Highgate Woods

My Garmin went totally nuts and undercounted by about 1.7 miles – it had me doing 45 min/mi pace at one point! Strava’s interpretation of the GPS data is a bit more sensible, at least overall. Probably should have been around 4.9 miles I think.

16:43 min/mi159-18 ft
27:57 min/mi1749 ft
38:15 min/mi17611 ft
49:55 min/mi174-3 ft
57:47 min/mi172-48 ft
0.27:49 min/mi1701 ft
Total42:075.2 mi8:07 min/mi172
15:500.62 mi9:28 min/mi157
210:450.98 mi10:56 min/mi173
310:240.41 mi25:22 min/mi175
410:340.80 mi13:12 min/mi174
54:310.49 mi9:08 min/mi171

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