Long run with 3 mile tempo

Having swapped my Thursday tempo run for some cycling and rowing at the gym as I was feeling a bit tired and still harbouring the remnants of a cold, I tried to do a combined long run and tempo today, with the aim of running down to Regent’s Park, running a couple of loops of Outer Circle, then getting the bus back from Camden (as I didn’t want to overdo it on the mileage front). In the end I only managed just under three miles at an average of 7:40 pace, which is faster than the planned 7:50, but much shorter than the 5 miles I had planned. Bit disappointed with myself, and kind of wish I had pushed on a bit further. Still, hopefully next week I’ll be 100% healthy and can push on further.

18:36 min/mi-105 ft
29:50 min/mi158 ft
39:27 min/mi9 ft
49:04 min/mi-211 ft
57:44 min/mi-65 ft
67:41 min/mi-29 ft
77:58 min/mi27 ft
89:21 min/mi6 ft
99:25 min/mi9 ft
109:01 min/mi22 ft
0.29:29 min/mi13 ft
Total1:30:0310.2 mi8:50 min/mi
110:061.16 mi8:41 min/mi
28:080.81 mi10:01 min/mi
38:290.89 mi9:28 min/mi
412:381.41 mi8:58 min/mi
55:280.74 mi7:25 min/mi
615:432.01 mi7:50 min/mi
77:180.78 mi9:22 min/mi
815:461.70 mi9:16 min/mi
96:280.70 mi9:15 min/mi

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