Great intervals session

Finally cleared the cold that was hanging around me, and put in a great intervals session today – six kilometers starting at 7:33 min/mile pace, with each one getting a bit faster and ending with an average pace of 7:22. Most felt relatively comfortable, though definitely still hard. Unfortunately my right thigh is still giving me a bit of a niggle, but it doesn’t seem to be getting any worse so fingers crossed.

18:53 min/mi
28:26 min/mi
38:27 min/mi
48:24 min/mi
58:26 min/mi
68:21 min/mi
0.27:32 min/mi
Total52:266.2 mi8:28 min/mi
6 ×4:49.81000m7:46 min/mi
Average1:55.9400m7:46 min/mi
WU5:070.50 mi10:14 min/mi
14:541000m7:53 min/mi
R3:33600m9:31 min/mi
24:521000m7:49 min/mi
R3:36600m9:39 min/mi
34:501000m7:46 min/mi
R3:35600m9:36 min/mi
44:481000m7:43 min/mi
R3:37600m9:42 min/mi
54:481000m7:43 min/mi
R3:33600m9:31 min/mi
64:471000m7:41 min/mi
WD:190.04 mi8:02 min/mi

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