Longer route up to Highgate

18:46 min/mi173-61 ft
28:52 min/mi184-40 ft
310:17 min/mi184164 ft
49:19 min/mi1845 ft
58:43 min/mi182-113 ft
68:46 min/mi18930 ft
0.29:16 min/mi18616 ft
Total56:346.2 mi9:07 min/mi183
110:191.16 mi8:53 min/mi175
27:000.78 mi8:56 min/mi184
38:080.82 mi9:55 min/mi187
49:411.02 mi9:29 min/mi182
515:011.66 mi9:01 min/mi183
65:590.64 mi9:17 min/mi190

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