Up and down the hills for eight

18:38 min/mi181-82 ft
28:56 min/mi192112 ft
39:35 min/mi19447 ft
49:03 min/mi186-169 ft
59:35 min/mi186-68 ft
69:10 min/mi190-1 ft
79:52 min/mi19193 ft
89:56 min/mi19158 ft
Total1:14:598.0 mi9:21 min/mi189
111:021.27 mi8:40 min/mi181
27:160.79 mi9:09 min/mi197
38:200.86 mi9:38 min/mi195
424:142.59 mi9:20 min/mi187
511:261.22 mi9:20 min/mi189
612:511.27 mi10:05 min/mi191

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