LSR around the Hampstead Heath trails

Lots of up and down the muddy trails of Hampstead Heath and Golders Hill Park, hence the slow pace. Lots of fun though, and makes a nice change from pounding the streets.

19:25 min/mi16114 ft
29:19 min/mi16930 ft
39:53 min/mi17343 ft
411:14 min/mi17920 ft
59:27 min/mi164-167 ft
610:39 min/mi172123 ft
79:27 min/mi168-125 ft
89:08 min/mi165-13 ft
99:50 min/mi171116 ft
109:49 min/mi161-28 ft
Total1:38:2110.0 mi9:49 min/mi169
19:020.95 mi9:27 min/mi160
254:305.39 mi10:06 min/mi173
323:042.46 mi9:21 min/mi167
411:441.20 mi9:44 min/mi161

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