LSR down to Hyde Park

Longest run since the Brighton Marathon in April! Legs felt good and the pace is the fastest I’ve ever ran a long run. I had to run it “naked” as I left my Garmin in the office on Friday – Strava was running on the phone in my pocket but I didn’t know what pace I was doing.

Slightly annoying I don’t have the HR data but I ran it at the same effort level I usually do a long run at.

17:31 min/mi-55 ft
27:50 min/mi-36 ft
38:26 min/mi182 ft
47:42 min/mi-92 ft
57:28 min/mi-164 ft
67:35 min/mi-73 ft
77:36 min/mi7 ft
87:27 min/mi-21 ft
97:33 min/mi-34 ft
107:41 min/mi-0 ft
117:46 min/mi38 ft
127:36 min/mi17 ft
137:58 min/mi17 ft
147:56 min/mi43 ft
157:33 min/mi0 ft
167:55 min/mi10 ft
178:06 min/mi21 ft
188:26 min/mi141 ft
0.18:28 min/mi3 ft
Lap Time Distance Pace
Total 2:19:49 18.1 mi 7:44 min/mi
1 2:19:49 18.05 mi 7:44 min/mi

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