LSR down to Regent’s Park and back

Pleased with the pace today – first time I’ve done an LSR at this effort level with an average pace sub-8:00 min/mi. Especially as this came at the end of another 60+ mile week.

Mini-taper now for the Bright10 race on Sunday, so an easier week next week.

17:32 min/mi157-56 ft
27:42 min/mi170-30 ft
38:32 min/mi179190 ft
47:49 min/mi173-85 ft
57:26 min/mi170-180 ft
67:37 min/mi172-58 ft
77:41 min/mi174-3 ft
87:33 min/mi179-3 ft
97:58 min/mi17420 ft
108:06 min/mi1734 ft
118:03 min/mi17443 ft
128:13 min/mi17344 ft
138:17 min/mi17362 ft
148:27 min/mi17322 ft
Total1:51:0614.0 mi7:55 min/mi173
114:301.90 mi7:37 min/mi164
29:131.09 mi8:28 min/mi177
34:370.60 mi7:45 min/mi177
418:062.39 mi7:35 min/mi170
524:293.15 mi7:46 min/mi176
68:281.06 mi8:01 min/mi172
718:372.27 mi8:11 min/mi173
813:041.56 mi8:23 min/mi175

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