Shorter recovery run

Had a slightly achey calf after the long run yesterday, whcih was a slight concern. Felt ok this morning, just a slight nag going downstairs. Started today’s run fully willing to stop if the calf hurt, but it felt fine after half a mile, and feels good after the run. Will keep an eye on it, but hopefully nothing to worry about.

18:50 min/mi1529 ft
28:39 min/mi15614 ft
38:43 min/mi16033 ft
48:28 min/mi1615 ft
59:09 min/mi168173 ft
Total43:545.0 mi8:45 min/mi160
124:262.79 mi8:45 min/mi156
28:190.98 mi8:29 min/mi160
311:091.24 mi8:59 min/mi168

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