Medium-long via Hampstead & Highgate

Felt a bit more normal today after a couple of days of being on the edge of getting a cold – elevated resting HR and feeling a bit rubbish. Hopefully dodged it via lots of vitamin C and lots of sleep! Legs felt good up the hills, fresh from last week’s cutback, even if the effort level was a bit higher than I’d have liked.

17:25 min/mi167-14 ft
27:43 min/mi173-20 ft
37:59 min/mi17471 ft
47:52 min/mi174-30 ft
57:52 min/mi1744 ft
68:07 min/mi17328 ft
78:20 min/mi17561 ft
88:12 min/mi171-3 ft
97:45 min/mi171-1 ft
108:37 min/mi179169 ft
118:17 min/mi17583 ft
127:48 min/mi169-45 ft
138:05 min/mi171-52 ft
147:56 min/mi172-21 ft
154:20 min/mi169-35 ft
0.68:29 min/mi17138 ft
Total2:01:4615.0 mi8:07 min/mi173
124:483.18 mi7:48 min/mi172
230:523.80 mi8:07 min/mi174
317:142.10 mi8:11 min/mi172
410:151.16 mi8:50 min/mi180
515:171.89 mi8:05 min/mi171
623:182.90 mi8:02 min/mi170

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