Medium-long via Hampstead

Very pleased with the pace today – 25 seconds per mile faster than I’ve ever done this net uphill route, and at a good HR too. Had to cut a mile short due to a call of nature which was slightly annoying, but overall a very positive run.

17:53 min/mi1596 ft
27:34 min/mi1675 ft
37:59 min/mi17355 ft
47:52 min/mi169-31 ft
57:50 min/mi1708 ft
67:51 min/mi16625 ft
78:02 min/mi16857 ft
87:50 min/mi165-16 ft
97:39 min/mi1651 ft
108:40 min/mi172184 ft
117:56 min/mi16742 ft
127:53 min/mi158-18 ft
137:47 min/mi154-98 ft
Total1:42:5413.0 mi7:54 min/mi166
124:513.18 mi7:49 min/mi167
220:582.66 mi7:53 min/mi169
39:251.18 mi7:57 min/mi165
416:112.09 mi7:44 min/mi166
510:071.17 mi8:39 min/mi172
621:202.73 mi7:49 min/mi158

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