Medium-long via Victoria Park

GPS went a bit wonky in Victoria Park, yet again, but I think the two laps cancelled each other out, so the overall distance is about right (same route was 15.1 last week). Pleased with the pace despite very humid and sweaty conditions.

17:51 min/mi1617 ft
27:17 min/mi165-155 ft
37:18 min/mi161-83 ft
47:23 min/mi174-6 ft
57:36 min/mi174-16 ft
67:18 min/mi174-26 ft
77:11 min/mi179-11 ft
87:41 min/mi175-3 ft
98:35 min/mi17112 ft
108:39 min/mi175-25 ft
116:46 min/mi171-1 ft
126:51 min/mi16719 ft
136:50 min/mi171-1 ft
147:38 min/mi172-1 ft
157:02 min/mi1742 ft
0.28:17 min/mi17214 ft
Total1:53:5315.1 mi7:32 min/mi171
114:421.92 mi7:38 min/mi163
219:152.55 mi7:33 min/mi169
36:320.88 mi7:27 min/mi173
412:521.72 mi7:29 min/mi177
546:045.83 mi7:54 min/mi171
614:251.86 mi7:45 min/mi173

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