Midweek medium-long run

Designed a slightly flatter route which takes about 100ft of climbing off the route, which makes life a bit easier. Felt good today, although legs are tired the pace came easier for the effort than it has been.

18:22 min/mi16210 ft
28:26 min/mi1686 ft
38:39 min/mi17360 ft
48:19 min/mi167-30 ft
58:23 min/mi17211 ft
68:32 min/mi17228 ft
78:59 min/mi17160 ft
88:41 min/mi1691 ft
98:07 min/mi171-15 ft
109:24 min/mi179208 ft
118:52 min/mi17658 ft
128:30 min/mi169-24 ft
138:31 min/mi169-83 ft
148:28 min/mi170-33 ft
0.29:05 min/mi17119 ft
Total2:02:0414.2 mi8:36 min/mi171
127:093.14 mi8:38 min/mi168
234:083.93 mi8:40 min/mi171
318:032.09 mi8:39 min/mi170
49:330.99 mi9:37 min/mi182
520:292.36 mi8:41 min/mi170
612:391.50 mi8:26 min/mi168

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