Miserable LSR in the wind and rain

Horrible conditions out there today, cold, wet and quite windy. Despite all that though a really good run – pace was reasonable and legs felt strong. Indeed at 22 miles I still had a mile to get to the bus stop, so instead of walking I carried on running to stay warm. Choosing to keep running at the end of a 22 mile LSR has got to be a good sign right? Or a sign of madness!

17:16 min/mi169-48 ft
28:03 min/mi178-52 ft
39:11 min/mi178181 ft
48:50 min/mi173-16 ft
58:09 min/mi164-191 ft
67:58 min/mi167-68 ft
78:26 min/mi168-30 ft
87:33 min/mi1695 ft
97:39 min/mi168-35 ft
108:26 min/mi168-7 ft
117:57 min/mi1664 ft
127:55 min/mi165-20 ft
138:18 min/mi1709 ft
148:26 min/mi16645 ft
158:16 min/mi16729 ft
168:17 min/mi16730 ft
178:22 min/mi166-10 ft
187:33 min/mi16327 ft
198:01 min/mi18233 ft
208:10 min/mi17437 ft
218:34 min/mi172-30 ft
228:28 min/mi17234 ft
238:43 min/mi17887 ft
0.58:52 min/mi174-26 ft
Total3:13:0323.5 mi8:13 min/mi170
115:401.94 mi8:04 min/mi174
210:171.09 mi9:28 min/mi179
35:200.61 mi8:47 min/mi173
418:032.16 mi8:20 min/mi166
58:371.02 mi8:27 min/mi168
635:434.42 mi8:05 min/mi167
720:412.47 mi8:22 min/mi167
824:572.98 mi8:22 min/mi167
923:482.89 mi8:13 min/mi173
1029:523.43 mi8:42 min/mi174

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