Weekend recovery run

Skipped yesterday’s run as I had a bit of a niggle in my ankle… all seemed ok today so hopefully all good for the long run tomorrow.

18:55 min/mi151-65 ft
29:18 min/mi154-44 ft
310:06 min/mi167192 ft
49:36 min/mi163-2 ft
59:34 min/mi154-88 ft
69:46 min/mi164-19 ft
79:25 min/mi153-66 ft
0.110:28 min/mi16212 ft
Total1:07:477.1 mi9:32 min/mi158
117:521.96 mi9:06 min/mi153
211:041.10 mi10:01 min/mi167
323:442.44 mi9:42 min/mi160
415:051.59 mi9:27 min/mi156

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