Pacey run home from work

Did the first four miles of this at what I hope will be my HM pace (8:20), and I’m pleased to say I found it fairly comfortable. Even with all the hills in the last few miles I managed to keep up a relatively decent pace to end up with my fastest run home ever.

18:33 min/mi-21 ft
28:19 min/mi5 ft
38:19 min/mi39 ft
48:22 min/mi2 ft
59:00 min/mi199 ft
68:50 min/mi38 ft
Total51:336.0 mi8:34 min/mi
15:230.60 mi8:53 min/mi
212:431.54 mi8:16 min/mi
313:031.57 mi8:19 min/mi
47:410.89 mi8:37 min/mi
512:411.42 mi8:57 min/mi

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