Pitchcroft tempo (7 mi @ MP (maybe?!))

The schedule had 7 miles at LT, which seemed cruel so soon after a HM race! The legs are still a still tired from Sunday, so I decided to just see what happened. Pushing for LT pace was a real effort so I eased back to potential 2:55 marathon pace (6:40/mi). It felt harder than I’d want for the first 7 miles of an actual marathon, but then my legs are very much untapered. Effort felt similar to other MP runs I’ve done, so that seems positive. May well try out this pace at the Brighton HM and see how it feels for 13 miles…

18:08 min/mi145-65 ft
27:34 min/mi1584 ft
37:31 min/mi1536 ft
46:45 min/mi174-6 ft
56:42 min/mi1796 ft
66:38 min/mi179-6 ft
76:38 min/mi1806 ft
86:38 min/mi180-6 ft
96:38 min/mi1786 ft
106:42 min/mi175-6 ft
117:25 min/mi1595 ft
127:27 min/mi1625 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 1:25:01 12.0 mi 7:04 min/mi168
1 22:56 2.94 mi 7:47 min/mi152
2 46:46 7.02 mi 6:39 min/mi178
3 15:18 2.05 mi 7:27 min/mi161

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