Poor four

Since my last real fast run last Tuesday, my performance seems to have taken a real nose dive. My knee is almost completely fine now, with just the slightest ache after this run, but I really struggled to keep up the pace and had to take a breather at just short of three miles. I have had a slight cough so hopefully it’s just related to that.

I guess all I can do is take it easy for another couple of days and hope for the best. Having gone from hitting my race target to struggling after half the distance is rather disheartening though. I don’t have time to do another 10K before Sunday’s race now, so hopefully a good 5K run in a few days will help restore my confidence.

17:37 min/mi88-49 ft
28:13 min/mi8352 ft
38:18 min/mi51-40 ft
0.88:20 min/mi3532 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 30:49 3.8 mi 8:06 min/mi65
1 7:40 1.00 mi 7:38 min/mi88
2 8:24 1.02 mi 8:14 min/mi82
3 :14 0.03 mi 8:07 min/mi67
4 7:30 0.91 mi 8:16 min/mi50
5 6:58 0.84 mi 8:17 min/mi36

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