Short two miler in the heat

I’ve spent the week worried, stuck between a rock and a hard place – both wanting to rest my knee ahead of my 10K race on Sunday, and also not wanting to let my training waste away by missing my final sessions. With my knee finally twinge free today I headed out for a short run to test it out and also make sure I was clear of the breathing trouble I had on Monday. Thankfully despite the heat I managed a decent pace without any major issues, which has boosted my confidence for Sunday. A nice quiet rest day tomorrow, and then time for my first ever running race. How exciting!

17:44 min/mi12214 ft
27:46 min/mi15347 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 15:18 2.0 mi 7:45 min/mi137
1 8:31 1.08 mi 7:51 min/mi123
2 6:58 0.89 mi 7:50 min/mi154

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