Progression run

First third easy, slowly ramping up the effort. Second third around middle of LT heart range. Final third mixed effort as I made my way back up the hills.

18:03 min/mi152-56 ft
28:13 min/mi162-31 ft
39:04 min/mi172190 ft
48:14 min/mi164-89 ft
57:37 min/mi165-173 ft
67:31 min/mi171-60 ft
77:19 min/mi180-7 ft
87:41 min/mi18235 ft
97:21 min/mi183-39 ft
107:19 min/mi1847 ft
117:38 min/mi18510 ft
128:30 min/mi17328 ft
137:59 min/mi17214 ft
148:23 min/mi17024 ft
158:39 min/mi15490 ft
168:26 min/mi17743 ft
Total2:08:1016.0 mi8:00 min/mi171
115:391.93 mi8:05 min/mi157
29:511.08 mi9:06 min/mi171
320:342.62 mi7:50 min/mi166
441:245.55 mi7:27 min/mi182
59:361.15 mi8:20 min/mi170
618:592.26 mi8:23 min/mi162
712:051.41 mi8:33 min/mi177

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