Recovery run home

I am currently in an eight week gap between the end of my half marathon plan and the start of my eighteen week marathon plan, so I’m using the time to build some time on my feet and try out a few things.

I will be using a Pfitzinger plan from Advanced Marathoning, and I’m torn between the “Up to 50 miles” and “55 to 70 miles” plans. I’m not sure if the later, with regular 70 mile weeks, might be a bit too much for me, so I’m going to test out running six times a week over the next month or so to see how my legs manage.

As part of this, I also need to make sure I’m running at the right paces – today’s recovery run is an example of that, very slow but with a nice low heart rate, and my legs feeling nice and fresh at the end.

19:50 min/mi14912 ft
29:27 min/mi15516 ft
310:03 min/mi15735 ft
410:50 min/mi15416 ft
59:59 min/mi15566 ft
69:45 min/mi163152 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 1:00:10 6.0 mi 9:59 min/mi156
1 25:32 2.61 mi 9:46 min/mi154
2 25:04 2.42 mi 10:20 min/mi155
3 9:34 0.99 mi 9:41 min/mi163

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