Tempo run (3 miles @ ~7:32 pace)

First tempo run in a while. Legs felt pretty fresh given this is my fourth run in a row. Pace was slower than I’d have liked for the heart rate though – definitely seem to have lost a little fitness.

Not too worried about that at the moment though – main thing is the legs are still feeling good. Let’s see if that’s still the case after two more runs this weekend!

19:26 min/mi15812 ft
27:29 min/mi18316 ft
37:36 min/mi18634 ft
47:32 min/mi186-4 ft
59:12 min/mi17269 ft
69:25 min/mi168111 ft
0.39:19 min/mi16641 ft
Total53:196.3 mi8:29 min/mi174
19:231.00 mi9:25 min/mi158
223:033.06 mi7:32 min/mi185
312:531.39 mi9:14 min/mi169
47:590.84 mi9:33 min/mi170

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