Recovery run to start a recovery week

Legs feel good after the weekend. If anything fresher than last Tuesday after the 22 miler. Pretty easy week this week, around 50 miles and I’m even dropping a run on Friday as an extra treat! So have a 6x800m session to do mind, not sure why Pfitzinger chose to schedule that on a “recovery” week!?

18:26 min/mi154-19 ft
28:40 min/mi157-19 ft
38:47 min/mi16173 ft
48:45 min/mi156-30 ft
58:45 min/mi15444 ft
68:55 min/mi15461 ft
78:46 min/mi155158 ft
0.18:28 min/mi168-4 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 1:01:34 7.1 mi 8:43 min/mi156
1 27:11 3.15 mi 8:38 min/mi158
2 24:19 2.76 mi 8:48 min/mi155
3 10:03 1.15 mi 8:45 min/mi153

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