Fasted track session (6×800m @ 5K pace)

My first intervals session since November! Fairly pleased with the pace given my lack of speedwork lately, and that I was running on an empty stomach.


18:32 min/mi16147 ft
28:38 min/mi164-139 ft
37:39 min/mi156-76 ft
46:42 min/mi1820 ft
56:40 min/mi1860 ft
67:42 min/mi1760 ft
76:56 min/mi1770 ft
87:11 min/mi168-44 ft
98:13 min/mi16628 ft
108:07 min/mi163-33 ft
117:58 min/mi162-60 ft
128:08 min/mi1627 ft
0.87:56 min/mi16527 ft
Total1:38:3112.8 mi7:43 min/mi168
6 ×3:00.2800m6:02 min/mi
Average1:30.8400m6:02 min/mi
WU24:402.88 mi8:33 min/mi161
12:58800m5:58 min/mi188
R2:15400m9:03 min/mi169
23:00800m6:02 min/mi190
R2:15400m9:03 min/mi175
32:59800m6:00 min/mi189
R2:25400m9:43 min/mi168
43:01800m6:04 min/mi187
R2:27400m9:51 min/mi166
53:01800m6:04 min/mi184
R2:25400m9:43 min/mi166
63:02800m6:06 min/mi185
R:0927m8:56 min/mi188
WD43:455.29 mi8:16 min/mi163

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