Regent’s Park 10K – April 2014

Was hoping for 7:37ish pace, but didn’t have it in me today. GPS was playing up a bit, making my pace appear slightly slower than it was. After the first lap (of a 3 lap race) this caused me to loose a bit of confidence and my motivation started to ebb. My heart just wasn’t in it. Big lesson here about not trusting the GPS too much, and keeping on it no matter what. Still, not a big race so not going to beat myself up about it. Decent training run and a valuable lesson if nothing else!

14:457:38 min/mi178-15 ft
24:597:59 min/mi19428 ft
34:467:41 min/mi194-1 ft
44:487:42 min/mi193-24 ft
55:098:18 min/mi19238 ft
64:598:01 min/mi191-26 ft
74:517:47 min/mi190-4 ft
85:098:18 min/mi1894 ft
95:138:23 min/mi18927 ft
103:597:28 min/mi193-24 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 48:41 6.2 mi 7:50 min/mi190
1 16:00 2.07 mi 7:43 min/mi189
2 16:08 2.01 mi 8:02 min/mi191
3 16:30 2.05 mi 8:03 min/mi190

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