Rubbish long run avoiding the floods

Things started out well, and I was holding a good pace up until about mile 5, but then I gradually started to slow and towards the end I was struggling to stay faster than 9 min/mi at times! The run was supposed to be 18 miles but I passed near home at 17 and decided I’d had enough.

Guessing it was a mixture of my lingering cold/cough (although the cough is almost gone now thankfully), poor diet and routine over the Christmas period, and the crappy weather. I suppose yesterday’s tempo run, however poor, wouldn’t have helped either.

Pretty hard not to take a knock in confidence after a crappy week like this, but training could have gone a lot worse I suppose, and I still managed to put nearly fifty miles in the bank. Hoping now I’m getting over this cough, and will be getting back in to my usual routine, I can have a much better week next week!


17:50 min/mi166-21 ft
27:55 min/mi1809 ft
37:58 min/mi1799 ft
47:54 min/mi176-37 ft
58:04 min/mi177-3 ft
68:22 min/mi17631 ft
78:24 min/mi17613 ft
88:22 min/mi174-12 ft
98:15 min/mi177-30 ft
108:30 min/mi1770 ft
118:09 min/mi175-1 ft
128:42 min/mi18238 ft
138:45 min/mi175-25 ft
148:51 min/mi17514 ft
158:52 min/mi1771 ft
168:20 min/mi175-14 ft
178:30 min/mi179-12 ft
0.29:17 min/mi179-2 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 2:23:26 17.2 mi 8:21 min/mi176
1 19:55 2.54 mi 7:49 min/mi174
2 8:07 0.99 mi 8:11 min/mi179
3 30:53 3.73 mi 8:16 min/mi176
4 25:39 3.02 mi 8:29 min/mi176
5 28:56 3.34 mi 8:40 min/mi177
6 14:04 1.57 mi 8:56 min/mi176
7 15:48 1.80 mi 8:47 min/mi178

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