Pretty miserable tempo
(3.2 mi @ LT)

I’ve been battling a cough and cold this week, and after an unexpectadly heavy New Years Eve-eve night out skipped my NYE run. I also ducked out of a 10K off-road race I was planning to do on New Years Day as it was a cold day and I didn’t want to make my cough worse.

Today it seemed to have settled down so I attempted my four mile tempo run. Unfortunately it’s a wet and miserable day, with a bit of a breeze, and as suspected I struggled to hang on to anything near my true LT pace of around 6:30 min/mi. After I had completed the 3.2 mile out and back along the section of the Severn that isn’t flooded I decided to call it quits.

Still, it’s all miles in the bank and I seem ok after the run so hopefully I’m on the road to fitness again and by next week I can be back on track!

17:45 min/mi169-23 ft
28:04 min/mi1774 ft
37:46 min/mi1761 ft
47:04 min/mi182-51 ft
57:12 min/mi192-3 ft
67:00 min/mi191-6 ft
77:28 min/mi1861 ft
88:04 min/mi1773 ft
0.28:09 min/mi1785 ft
Total1:01:578.2 mi7:34 min/mi181
126:203.35 mi7:51 min/mi174
2:170.04 mi7:26 min/mi169
311:341.66 mi6:59 min/mi191
411:281.63 mi7:03 min/mi191
512:171.51 mi8:06 min/mi177

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