Self-Transcendence 10K March 2016

Wasn’t sure what to expect today. I knew I am in good condition at the moment, but with a lot of miles in my legs the last few weeks I didn’t know how they’d respond. I therefore decided to just go out and run hard, and see what happened.

I quickly settled in to around 3:55/km pace, and while my legs didn’t feel like they had anything more in them in felt pretty comfortable effort wise. Aside from the odd slip of concentration when I noticed the pace slipping slightly I felt good the whole way around.

Had enough in me to manage a bit of a speed up in the last km, and pleased to pass the line taking ~25 seconds off my PB. On fresh legs I’m confident id be sub-39. Another nice confidence booster. Although not sure how my long run tomorrow will feel after this?!

13:516:10 min/mi153-1 ft
23:596:25 min/mi17813 ft
33:556:17 min/mi178-9 ft
43:596:24 min/mi182-6 ft
53:556:18 min/mi1847 ft
64:016:28 min/mi190-6 ft
74:016:27 min/mi1873 ft
83:566:19 min/mi165-3 ft
94:006:26 min/mi18810 ft
103:355:57 min/mi182-7 ft
Total39:096.2 mi6:18 min/mi179
13:480.61 mi6:12 min/mi153
23:550.62 mi6:21 min/mi178
33:550.62 mi6:18 min/mi178
43:560.62 mi6:22 min/mi182
53:580.63 mi6:18 min/mi184
63:580.62 mi6:25 min/mi190
74:020.62 mi6:30 min/mi187
83:550.62 mi6:17 min/mi166
93:570.61 mi6:26 min/mi189
103:420.63 mi5:54 min/mi182

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