Steady run work to home via Finsbury Park

18:31 min/mi163-14 ft
28:34 min/mi168-9 ft
39:02 min/mi16675 ft
48:46 min/mi170-43 ft
59:06 min/mi17560 ft
69:08 min/mi17887 ft
0.89:35 min/mi17994 ft
Total1:00:586.8 mi8:56 min/mi171
16:480.79 mi8:37 min/mi161
28:300.98 mi8:39 min/mi169
39:010.91 mi9:55 min/mi167
413:201.42 mi9:22 min/mi170
522:122.41 mi9:13 min/mi178
62:570.29 mi10:00 min/mi172

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