Strength and conditioning

Lateral raise (x12)
Weighted squats (x12)
Plank matrix (1 min front, 30 sec left, 30 sec right, 1 min back)
Chest press (x15)
Single-leg weighted deadlifts (12 per leg)
Pushup matrix (normal, left arm forward, right arm forward, x5)
Single-leg weighted squats (12 per leg)
Reverse dips (x15)
Single leg hip bridge (15 per leg)
Renegade rows (15 per arm)
Adductor strengthen (15 per leg)
Side-lying raise (15 per leg)
Incline chest fly (x15)
Fire hydrants (15 per leg)
Weighted lunges (15 per side)
Bicep curls (x12)
Donkey kicks (15 per leg)
Single arm tricep extension (15 per arm)

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