Tempo Run (4 mi @ ~6:54 pace)

Nice to run along the flat paths by the Severn in Worcester for a change. Pleased with the pace for this, lots of easy running and six runs a week seems to be agreeing with me!

18:10 min/mi1502 ft
28:10 min/mi153-30 ft
36:55 min/mi178-9 ft
46:48 min/mi181-1 ft
57:02 min/mi18110 ft
66:53 min/mi184-2 ft
78:31 min/mi1633 ft
88:22 min/mi1588 ft
Total1:01:048.0 mi7:37 min/mi167
116:462.05 mi8:11 min/mi152
227:384.01 mi6:53 min/mi181
316:381.96 mi8:29 min/mi160

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