Recovery run around Worcester

Garmin totally refused to find a satalite lock tonight, so after a lot of waiting around and a reset I gave up and ran anyway. Impressed with the accuracy of the built-in accelerometer – took a similar route to Thursday and distances are within 0.1 miles of each other.

18:46 min/mi146-7 ft
28:44 min/mi150-44 ft
38:46 min/mi15512 ft
48:50 min/mi15425 ft
58:50 min/mi15110 ft
69:01 min/mi147-45 ft
0.88:55 min/mi15011 ft
Total1:00:026.8 mi8:51 min/mi150
119:142.20 mi8:45 min/mi148
227:323.12 mi8:49 min/mi153
313:071.46 mi8:59 min/mi149

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