Tempo run (5 miles @ ~7:16 pace)

Pleased with pace and HR given net uphill route and warmer conditions today. Even more important, knee feels really good – touch wood it is now sorted.

18:43 min/mi156-13 ft
27:11 min/mi179-9 ft
37:21 min/mi18547 ft
47:20 min/mi184-13 ft
57:17 min/mi18521 ft
67:15 min/mi18649 ft
79:03 min/mi176160 ft
0.39:18 min/mi17421 ft
Total57:057.3 mi7:48 min/mi178
18:571.02 mi8:46 min/mi155
236:285.01 mi7:16 min/mi184
311:391.28 mi9:07 min/mi175

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