Last LSR before the Royal Parks Half

Distance felt comfortable, knee felt good. Overall a decent last LSR – starting to feel excited about the half marathon!

18:10 min/mi161-93 ft
28:42 min/mi173139 ft
38:37 min/mi17725 ft
48:31 min/mi164-167 ft
58:37 min/mi169-62 ft
69:04 min/mi1680 ft
78:34 min/mi167-80 ft
88:32 min/mi166-2 ft
98:31 min/mi166-29 ft
108:25 min/mi170-13 ft
118:30 min/mi1750 ft
Total1:34:1411.0 mi8:34 min/mi169
19:541.21 mi8:09 min/mi161
214:501.69 mi8:45 min/mi176
325:422.94 mi8:44 min/mi168
422:102.58 mi8:35 min/mi166
521:362.57 mi8:23 min/mi171

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