Tentative jog to test my knee

Unfortunately while my knee didn’t give me too much trouble during the Bupa 10K the day afterwards it ached quite a bit, so I decided to give it a few days to recover before attempting any further running. Unfortunately those few days expanded to over a week as my knee just refused to get better as quickly as I wanted. After a few days with barely a twinge from it I decided to give it a go this morning with a short jog around the River Severn near where my parents live. By the end it was aching a little, but a quick blast in a cold shower and some ibuprofen gel soon sorted that out. It’s hurt a little over the day, but as I speak now (10pm in the evening) it’s returned to being pain free. Hopefully this means it’s on the road to recovery. All being well I hope to attempt a longer run on Thursday.

19:56 min/mi134-30 ft
210:10 min/mi1325 ft
0.39:57 min/mi132-3 ft
Total22:412.3 mi10:02 min/mi133
110:521.09 mi9:57 min/mi133
22:410.28 mi9:43 min/mi124
37:290.72 mi10:21 min/mi136
41:450.17 mi10:23 min/mi135

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