Another tester of my stupid damn knee

The day after my last run my knee felt a little sore, but not too bad, and by today it was feeling completely normal again so I set out with hopes of hitting four miles. However after a few hundred meters a twinge emerged, and while it never developed beyond a bit of an ache I didn’t want to risk overdoing it so cut the run short at two miles. Hopefully some ice and elevation will help tonight and the knee will be feeling better for the weekend.

18:47 min/mi52-31 ft
28:50 min/mi51-7 ft
0.38:52 min/mi4539 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 20:34 2.3 mi 8:49 min/mi50
1 1:24 0.16 mi 8:41 min/mi79
2 7:34 0.86 mi 8:49 min/mi47
3 11:35 1.31 mi 8:49 min/mi49

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