Tester on the treadmill

After a week of rest (except some cycling and rowing at the gym) I decided to give the ankle a go on the treadmill. I took it a mile at a time, briefly pausing to see how it felt walking. Got to three miles without any pain, I felt like I could carry on but stopped to be on the safe side. Not out of the woods yet, but cautiously optimistic. See how it feels tomorrow, but hopefully can extend up to 4 or 5 miles on Wednesday. Bristol HM might still be on!?

19:58 min/mi156
210:25 min/mi164
310:27 min/mi167
0.19:47 min/mi169
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 32:01 3.1 mi 10:16 min/mi163
1 10:04 1.01 mi 9:57 min/mi156
2 9:50 0.99 mi 9:54 min/mi164
3 10:57 1.11 mi 9:49 min/mi167

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