Highgate Wood loop to test the ankle

Local loop to test the ankle out today, after 4 days of rest. Felt ok but not perfect, still a bit of a nagging ache. Stopped after 3.5 miles to be on the safe side, hopefully the exercise will have helped the healing and some more rest tomorrow will clear things for a full 10K run on Wednesday. Very frustrating!

17:48 min/mi171-55 ft
28:23 min/mi18416 ft
38:36 min/mi18547 ft
0.58:08 min/mi188-12 ft
Total28:453.5 mi8:15 min/mi181
111:431.48 mi7:56 min/mi177
29:541.15 mi8:34 min/mi184
36:480.81 mi8:24 min/mi186

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