Tough intervals session

Hard work today – have had a slight bit of a head cold the past few days and things definitely felt tough. Pleased I completed most of the session though, save for the final interval which I cut in half. Also tried out my new Alpha Mio strapless HRM – worked great, no dropouts unlike my old chest strap which tends to go mad after a while in the gym, probably due to all the sweat!

19:57 min/mi161
28:35 min/mi181
38:40 min/mi186
49:23 min/mi185
58:53 min/mi189
69:29 min/mi188
Total55:256.0 mi9:11 min/mi181
1 ×5:22.0800m10:47 min/mi
5 ×4:01.0600m10:46 min/mi
Average2:40.7400m10:46 min/mi
WU:290.04 mi11:11 min/mi117
15:22800m10:47 min/mi155
R4:401000m7:30 min/mi186
23:51600m10:19 min/mi174
R4:451000m7:38 min/mi187
33:54600m10:27 min/mi178
R4:461000m7:40 min/mi192
43:54600m10:27 min/mi176
R4:491000m7:45 min/mi193
54:06600m10:59 min/mi183
R4:461000m7:40 min/mi196
64:20600m11:37 min/mi182
R2:28500m7:56 min/mi191
WD1:300.14 mi10:23 min/mi190

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