Slighty screwy tempo run

Not sure what was going on today but pace on my watch was all over the place, but I think broadly speaking I managed 3 miles at 7:50 pace, then backed down to 8:20 for the final 3. Feeling a bit tired this week so reasonably happy with that performance.

19:05 min/mi162
28:06 min/mi184
39:04 min/mi178
49:09 min/mi176
58:24 min/mi182
68:14 min/mi184
Total52:086.0 mi8:40 min/mi177
15:140.51 mi10:16 min/mi152
27:350.93 mi8:09 min/mi180
38:171.05 mi7:53 min/mi185
48:001.03 mi7:46 min/mi177
520:392.49 mi8:17 min/mi181

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