Track session (12×400m)

First time doing shorter intervals. Hard work! Not as consistent as I’d have liked – was tough to judge pace as the back straight was very windy. Still, not bad for first attempt and plenty to work on.

18:45 min/mi1555 ft
28:00 min/mi163-1 ft
36:30 min/mi184-6 ft
47:15 min/mi1833 ft
57:45 min/mi178-1 ft
67:02 min/mi1770 ft
79:22 min/mi151-4 ft
89:02 min/mi1503 ft
0.18:57 min/mi149-1 ft
Total1:04:228.1 mi7:58 min/mi166
12 ×1:28.5400m5:56 min/mi
Average1:28.5400m5:56 min/mi
WU14:071.62 mi8:44 min/mi155
11:28400m5:54 min/mi180
R1:07200m8:59 min/mi181
21:26400m5:46 min/mi177
R1:08200m9:07 min/mi182
31:28400m5:54 min/mi186
R1:05200m8:43 min/mi186
41:24400m5:37 min/mi190
R1:14200m9:55 min/mi183
51:29400m5:58 min/mi185
R1:09200m9:15 min/mi185
61:28400m5:54 min/mi186
R1:09200m9:15 min/mi184
71:30400m6:02 min/mi181
R1:29200m11:56 min/mi170
81:29400m5:58 min/mi179
R1:15200m10:03 min/mi176
91:28400m5:54 min/mi181
R1:13200m9:47 min/mi179
101:30400m6:02 min/mi182
R1:15200m10:03 min/mi172
111:30400m6:02 min/mi179
R1:12200m9:39 min/mi177
121:32400m6:10 min/mi175
R1:10200m9:23 min/mi175
WD17:531.95 mi9:09 min/mi149

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