Track session (1×2 mi, 4×1 mi @ goal 10K pace)

5 min jog recovery after 2 miles, 3 min jog recovery after 1 mile repeats. Given my 10K time at the weekend I’ve revised my goal to 39:30. Was a bit unsure how the legs would feel but they coped well and everything felt decent. I’m pleased with the consistency of the splits.

Last interval slightly hampered by some little shits who thought it was funny to run in front of me, but thankfully a City of London employee dealt with them fairly promptly.

18:36 min/mi1520 ft
27:39 min/mi159-4 ft
36:20 min/mi188-2 ft
47:45 min/mi173-3 ft
56:24 min/mi180-3 ft
67:28 min/mi172-6 ft
77:29 min/mi169-1 ft
87:22 min/mi175-5 ft
97:13 min/mi181-4 ft
108:54 min/mi157-3 ft
Total1:15:1610.0 mi7:31 min/mi170
1 ×12:45.03200m6:24 min/mi
4 ×6:21.31600m6:23 min/mi
Average1:35.4400m6:23 min/mi
WU13:381.58 mi8:36 min/mi151
112:453200m6:24 min/mi186
R4:25700m10:09 min/mi157
26:191600m6:21 min/mi183
R2:50400m11:23 min/mi155
36:211600m6:23 min/mi183
R2:44400m10:59 min/mi157
46:201600m6:22 min/mi179
R2:41400m10:47 min/mi160
56:251600m6:27 min/mi184
R3:01400m12:08 min/mi160
WD7:410.86 mi8:53 min/mi158

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