Track session (2 mi, 4×1 mi @ 10K goal pace)

Very pleased with today’s session. Hit close to goal pace on every rep, and remained nice and consistent instead of fading as I did last time. Even managed to make my last lap my fastest.

Ran this without having breakfast again, definitely getting used to early running on an empty stomach.

18:22 min/mi1576 ft
28:07 min/mi154-132 ft
38:11 min/mi162-37 ft
46:27 min/mi177-8 ft
56:07 min/mi1921 ft
68:04 min/mi1713 ft
77:15 min/mi1800 ft
86:08 min/mi185-0 ft
97:22 min/mi178-3 ft
107:11 min/mi180-6 ft
116:59 min/mi17620 ft
128:12 min/mi16611 ft
Total1:28:4912.0 mi7:22 min/mi172
1 ×12:25.03200m6:14 min/mi
4 ×6:08.81600m6:10 min/mi
Average1:32.5400m6:12 min/mi
WU26:083.17 mi8:13 min/mi157
112:253200m6:14 min/mi188
R5:15850m9:56 min/mi162
26:101600m6:12 min/mi186
R2:52400m11:32 min/mi162
36:101600m6:12 min/mi186
R2:58400m11:56 min/mi167
46:091600m6:11 min/mi186
R2:49400m11:19 min/mi167
56:061600m6:08 min/mi188
WD11:431.41 mi8:18 min/mi164

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