Track session (3 × 2 mi @ 10K goal pace)

Got up super early to beat the heat. Really pleased with the session, pretty much bang-on 38:00 pace, and while it felt tough I wasn’t struggling to keep the pace. Definitely feel like 38:00 might be possible if everything comes together right on the 30th.

16:10 min/mi168-1 ft
26:01 min/mi182-2 ft
37:53 min/mi166-8 ft
46:05 min/mi1780 ft
57:40 min/mi1747 ft
66:14 min/mi175-4 ft
76:02 min/mi185-3 ft
0.17:35 min/mi18910 ft
Total47:087.1 mi6:36 min/mi175
3 ×12:13.33200m6:08 min/mi
Average1:31.7400m6:08 min/mi
WU:240.05 mi8:36 min/mi129
112:133200m6:08 min/mi177
R5:07850m9:41 min/mi165
212:123200m6:08 min/mi177
R4:33700m10:27 min/mi161
312:153200m6:09 min/mi181
WD:210.02 mi16:59 min/mi187

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