Track session (6 × (200m, 200m, 400m))

Equal distance jog recoveries. Pretty pleased with the efforts, especially early morning on an empty stomach! Kept fairly consistent, despite legs feeling quite tired on the warm-up down to the track.

Funny to think tomorrow the country’s best athletes will be qualifying for the Rio 10,000m on the same track, and my 200m efforts are considerably slower than their 10,000m efforts will be!

17:25 min/mi173-3 ft
27:29 min/mi178-4 ft
37:33 min/mi172-4 ft
47:48 min/mi1722 ft
57:57 min/mi1752 ft
0.97:21 min/mi1717 ft
Total45:125.9 mi7:36 min/mi174
12 ×:40.9200m5:29 min/mi
6 ×1:26.7400m5:48 min/mi
Average1:24.3400m5:38 min/mi
WU:250.05 mi9:04 min/mi154
1:40200m5:21 min/mi172
R1:12200m9:39 min/mi179
2:39200m5:13 min/mi177
R1:13200m9:47 min/mi179
31:25400m5:41 min/mi174
R2:29400m9:59 min/mi167
4:40200m5:21 min/mi175
R1:12200m9:39 min/mi181
5:41200m5:29 min/mi180
R1:13200m9:47 min/mi180
61:26400m5:46 min/mi179
R2:25400m9:43 min/mi172
7:41200m5:29 min/mi167
R1:15200m10:03 min/mi172
8:41200m5:29 min/mi175
R1:17200m10:19 min/mi174
91:27400m5:50 min/mi174
R2:21400m9:27 min/mi173
10:41200m5:29 min/mi174
R1:15200m10:03 min/mi173
11:41200m5:29 min/mi173
R1:18200m10:27 min/mi172
121:28400m5:54 min/mi169
R2:31400m10:07 min/mi174
13:42200m5:37 min/mi175
R1:18200m10:27 min/mi177
14:41200m5:29 min/mi176
R1:16200m10:11 min/mi176
151:29400m5:58 min/mi174
R2:38400m10:35 min/mi169
16:43200m5:46 min/mi174
R1:18200m10:27 min/mi171
17:41200m5:29 min/mi175
R1:18200m10:27 min/mi171
181:25400m5:41 min/mi173
WD:080.02 mi8:16 min/mi172

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