Track session (6×1000m @ 5K pace)

Aiming for 3:45, managed 3:43, 46, 47, 48, 49, 48. Not too bad given the busy weekend, legs were definitely tiring towards the end!

18:19 min/mi1635 ft
28:00 min/mi159-115 ft
38:10 min/mi168-52 ft
46:17 min/mi181-10 ft
57:24 min/mi179-1 ft
67:23 min/mi179-2 ft
77:10 min/mi182-2 ft
87:07 min/mi184-1 ft
97:24 min/mi17215 ft
108:23 min/mi175129 ft
0.28:26 min/mi178-8 ft
Total1:17:2710.2 mi7:35 min/mi174
6 ×3:46.81000m6:05 min/mi
Average1:30.7400m6:05 min/mi
WU26:203.20 mi8:14 min/mi164
13:431000m5:58 min/mi184
R2:29400m9:59 min/mi169
23:461000m6:03 min/mi193
R2:33400m10:15 min/mi164
33:471000m6:05 min/mi190
R2:41400m10:47 min/mi168
43:481000m6:06 min/mi189
R2:41400m10:47 min/mi169
53:491000m6:08 min/mi190
R2:36400m10:27 min/mi170
63:481000m6:06 min/mi190
R:3350m17:42 min/mi189
WD14:451.77 mi8:21 min/mi170

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