Medium-long on knackered legs

Phew, legs felt dead today – somewhat inevitable at this peak point of the training plan I guess. I was glad to be able to do a couple of loops of Victoria Park rather than tackle the hills of North London.

Need to ease things back ready for Bath on Sunday now. May shorten Friday’s 12 miler depending on how the legs feel…

17:15 min/mi163-35 ft
27:50 min/mi172-4 ft
38:02 min/mi170-8 ft
47:47 min/mi1718 ft
57:46 min/mi169-6 ft
68:05 min/mi173-3 ft
78:03 min/mi17112 ft
87:56 min/mi1692 ft
98:02 min/mi1729 ft
107:55 min/mi17060 ft
117:55 min/mi170-27 ft
127:53 min/mi1736 ft
137:58 min/mi17131 ft
148:35 min/mi174100 ft
158:45 min/mi176108 ft
0.38:23 min/mi1687 ft
Total2:02:3415.3 mi7:59 min/mi171
117:282.21 mi7:53 min/mi168
240:455.11 mi7:58 min/mi171
313:511.69 mi8:12 min/mi170
48:271.02 mi8:14 min/mi171
528:513.50 mi8:14 min/mi172
613:101.49 mi8:51 min/mi174

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